About Us

The Green Mountains Walking Group was formed to bring together members of the Lay and Monastic Sanghas of the OBC and encourage friendship, communication and a stronger sense of Sangha.

There is a regional focus in organising walks as people will attend only if they are within reasonable travelling distance, so we are establishing regional walking groups, and this website has been structured to help regional groups organise and publicise themselves. If you are involved in the OBC and would like to set up a regional green mountains walking group please get in touch!

Each region has it's own announcements page where news of walks is posted. If you wish to be emailed notifications of upcoming walks then use the subscription facility on that region's announcements page. Also the calendar page gives an overview of events organised, with  each region's events shown in a different colour for easy identification. In addition groups operate their own private email list to help share lifts and keep in touch. With these facilities it should be possible for people to easily find out what's happening and get involved.

It is hoped that in addition to regular walks the Green Mountains can be used more generally as a forum for people to get together and meet up. This could include not just walks but visits to places of interest, events, or just a chat over tea and coffee. There's no reason why people can't arrange to come along on a walking day but take it easy by doing something else with like-minded people. Or use the group email list to invite people along to an event, walk, or place.

If you wish to get in touch email  Jenny  at jennyrks4@gmail.com